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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

How to create paypal account in india 2017

How To Create PayPal Account in India?

How To Create PayPal Account in India: In This Post. we Were going To Learn About **What is PayPal?**  **How To Create PayPal Account in India?**  **What Are The Steps Required For Creating PayPal Account in India?** We Are Going To Learn. First of All, Let us know About **What Is PayPal**

How to create paypal account in india 2017

 What Is PayPal: createPaypal Account In India

PayPal is An Online Platform By This You. Can Transfer Or Receive Payment s. By Using **PayPal ** You Can Convert The Dollars Into Indian Rupees And Directly Send Those Into Your **Bank Account**.
  - > if You Are A Blogger Then It Is Very Useful For You To Transfer Your **Adsense** Payment.
  - > PayPal will Directly transfer Your Adsense Payment To Your Bank Account.
  - > If You Are Working In The Internet PayPal is Necessary For You

  - >PayPal is Like An Online Bank. As You Are  Transferring  And Receiving Money in The Real World  You Can Do the Same Thing By Using PayPal In This Internet World.
  - >PayPal is An American Company.since 1998 it s provided Their service To customer s


 Requirements For Creating  Paypal account in India   

Requirements For Creating  The PayPal account in India
1.*Pan card*
2. *Mobile Number*
3. *Email id*
4. *Bank Account*
5. *Credit or debit card*
For creating PayPal Account **Bank Account** And **Pan Card ** Are compulsory Requirements. For creating PayPal These Are Not necessary But To Verify Your PayPal Account These Are Compulsory.

## How To Create PayPal Account in India?

Creating A PayPal Account In India is very Easy For To create An Account in PayPal Follow These Steps:-
Step 1:-. Go To PayPal official site
Click here to go PayPal site.
Step 2:- click on **Sign up**   After clicking on This Sign up.It Will Display s A Form.Fill this form
Step 3:-  Now Click on **Agree** And **create An Account**
Step 4:- Then It Will Show A code.Type Whatever code it shows And Click on **continue**.
Now your PayPal Account Has created
Step 5:- Now, You Have To Confirm Your Email. For That, Go Yo Your Email Account And See The PayPal email.Open it And Click on Confirm Email.
Step 6:- After confirming The Mail.It Shows Another Page. In That Page, You Should Create Your **Password**.
And click on **Login**.
Step 7:- Now, Create A Security Question For Your Account Security And Give Answer For it. And submit the page.
Step 8:- Now An Another Page Will Be Display To You. It shows Your Account Notification. Click on it
Step 9:- Now, Give Your pan card, Bank Account Number After updating All Your Details  Your PayPal Account in India will Be 100% Ready For You.
Continue Reading This Post *How To Create PayPal Account in India* To  know About *How to add bank account to PayPal in India*


## How To Add Bank Account To PayPal in India

For To, Add Bank Account To PayPal in India Follow These Steps
Step 1:- Go To Your PayPal Account>>Go To Your Profile Option And Click On Left
Step 2:-  In The Below Of Profile, It Shows A Box.In That Box There is An option  **Add /Edit Bank Account** click on edit option.
That s it But It Takes 24 -48 Hrs For To Verify Your Bank Account.
Thank You, All For Reading My Post "How To Create PayPal Account in India"If You Have Any Doubts About This Post of *How To Create PayPal Account in India*  comment me Below or Message Me On Facebook. I will Give You reply As Early As possible.

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