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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How To Use Two Whats App In One Smart phone

How To Use Two Whats App In One Smart phone

How  to Use Two whats app in one Smart phone:
In These Days Technology Has Updating Day By Day We Find Lot Of Text Messaging Apps which Are Available In The Play Store. This Android Is One Of The Text Messaging App which is Available in The Playstore But,  I will Definitely Say That This Is One Of The **Best App For Messaging And Calls**. Another Speciality For This Application is You Can Run This Application in Windows,iPhone, And Android Phones. I Am Telling You This Amazing App Called **what's App**. What's App is one of The Amazing Android Application.This **what's app** is used By **90%**. Of Android Users. Actually, It Is Difficult To Hack This Android App. Mostly, Teenagers Are The Users For This Application.There Are Lot Of Features In This What's App Like **Stats, Profile Picture, Document Sharing, Sending pictures And Video Calling ETC**.Actually, When You Have Downloaded What's App From Play Store And Created An Account And You Can Use It. If You Want To Create Another Account You First Logged out of That Account For To Create Another Account. In This Post I am Going To Explain You About **How To Use Two whats App in one Smart phone**.   With out Logged Out From Your What's App Account.
There Were So Many Apps Which Says, That Their Application Will Help You To** Run Dual Whats Apps In 1 Smartphone** But Most of The Application s Are Fake Instead of Helping You They Theft your Personal Information. So, Doesn't Download These Apps. Though,  They Are Below **5MB**.
There Are so, Many people Told Me It Is Not Possible And Some one Says, it Makes our Phone very slow. But, These Are Rumours
Now, Let us Jump Into Our Post. and Learnt How *We Can Run 2 What's App In 1 Smartphone*.

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## What is this Dual What's App?
It is A Moded version of Your original what's App so, You Can Reinstall This Application Once Again.
  - >it Mostly Works On Rooted Mobiles.But, This Trick Works To On Some Phones with out **Rooting**
continue Reading For To Know How To Run Two Whats apps in One Phone
## Features of  Dual What's App
1.   It Is Easy To Use.
2. You Can Make Easily Make Two What's App Account s with Your Two sim Cards.
3. it Does not Require Any Root Permission.
4. You Can Backup And Recover Your old Chat Conversation Also.
5. You can Hide *Last Seen*
6. You Can Hide **Tick Mark** And **Typing**
7. You Can Share Files Like original Application.
8. You can copy Message s With out copying Dates.
9. You Can Share More Images
10. It is An Updated Version From What's App company

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## Is All The Methods on The Internet Really Works?
There Are  80% of Methods Which Are Fake. and 5% Methods Were Expired Tricks. For Finding Genuine Methods I Wasted A **1 week** For Finding These Methods. I Had Used So Many Apps But These Apps were Made my My Phone sick And slow. So, I will Tell You These Genuine Methods For You To Save Your Time And Data. These Methods Are:  1. **Gb whats App**
                             2. **Parallel space**
                              3. **Line**
## GB Whats App Method For Running Two Whats App In One Smart phone
In This GB Whats App Method, I Will Going To Explain You That How You Can Run Multiple Whats App .
### Steps To Follow For Running Two Whats App In One Smartphone:-
1.   First of All Download This **GB Whats App**  From This Download Link.
2. And Then Open This *GB Whats App*. 
3. create A New Account With Your **New Number**.
4. After Creating Your New Account They Send *OTP*. To Your New Mobile Number Verify It.
5. Now, You Have Successfully Created Two Whats App in Your Mobile one is Official Whats App And  Another is GB Whats App.
If You Are Not Clear About **GB Whats App** Don't Be Worry Try **Parallel Space ** Method. It Will Definitely Work.

Download GB Whats app
## Parallel Space For Running Two Whats Apps In One Mobile
parallel Space Running  Two Whats App In one Android Phone: Parallel Space It Is One Of The simple Application.You Can Use This App Very Easily.You Can Run 2 Whats App 2 Instagram  And 2 Facebook Account s With This Amazing **Application**.

Download "Parallel Space"
### process For Running Multi Account s For Whats App By Using Parallel Space
Step 1:-.  First Of All Download *Parallel Space App From Playstore.
Step 2:-.  Install And Open This Parallel Space.
Step 3:- After opening This App You Can See. (+) This Type Of Symbol
Step 4:- click on This Symbol.
Step 5:- Now, A List Of Apps Which Were Installed In Your Mobile Phone Will Came Select Whats App.It Will Clone Your What's App.
Step 6:- Now , Your Mobile Consists Of 2 Whats App After Cloning.Create An Account And Use It.
**Note**:- By Using This Parallel Space You Can Clone Any App on Your Mobile.
It Is Very Easy To Run Dual Whats App
## How To Use Two Whats App in one Smartphone By Using Line Method
Line Method This Method Is Very Helpful For You To Run Multiple Whats App
Note:- I Had watched A Youtube Video In Some Ones Channel He Told That You Can Run More Than **5 Whats App Account s** By This Method.
### process For Running Lines For WhatsApp In Android Mobile:

Download  2 lines for whats app

Running Lines For WhatsApp Is Also Easy You Should Follow These Steps For To Know How The Lines For WhatsApp Could Be Download And Install On Your Phone.
Step 1:-Download Lines For WhatsApp And Install On Your Smartphone
Step 2:- Open This App It Ask You For Root Permission click on "Accept"
Step 3:- Verify Your Mobile Number.
That's All It Is So Easy For You To Use This App. so, These Are The Methods Of Running Two Whats App In One Phone These Will Help You For Running Two Whats App On Your Mobile.  
Thank You, All For Reading My Post Of  How To Use Two Whats App In One  Smart phone. if Any Doubts On This Method Of How To Use Two whats app in one smartphone comment me below. i will help you
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