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Saturday, June 17, 2017

How to submit your site to Google search console

Google search console.

Google Search Console or earlier known as google webmasters tools. It is hardly difficult to guess from the name itself that Google Webmaster Tools is a set of tools for webmasters. However, what you don't know right away is that this is a very useful toolset that allows you to communicate with Google and adjust many aspects of your website like :
How to submit your site to Google search console

  • Submit/check the sitemap for your website.
  • Adjust the crawl rate of the Google bots for your website and view the statistics.
  • Generate/check the robots.txt file for your website.
  • List the internal and external pages that link to your website.
  • Check what keyword searches led the site to being displayed in the Google search engine results pages , increase traffic and click-through rates for them.
  • Check statistics about how Google has indexed your website and whether it has found any issues while doing so.
  • Set a preferred domain name (e.g. over and vice versa) which will determine how the site URL will be displayed in search engine results pages.

Most of the new bloggers , may be little bit confused who don't have a knowledge about Google Webmaster Tools.
So in this post , I will explain you About

Submitting site in Google Search Console.

Step : 1

You have to join it first in order to use it. You can do it through this.
How to submit your site to Google search console

Step : 2

If you want Google to crawl your site , Then you have to prove that you are the legit owners of the website.
Submit your website to Search Console.

In order to prove your ownership there are 5 methods :
  • HTML file upload 
Upload a HTML file in your site editor, under head section and then upload.
How to submit your site to Google search console

  • HTML meta tag
Upload the meta tag in your site , you can do that by using Yoast seo plugin.
Sign in into your domain name provider to prove your ownership.
  • Google Analytics
You can use your analytics account to verify your ownership.
  • Google Tag Manager
Use your Google tag manager account to sign in.

Step : 3

Click on verify , if you have completed any of the steps correctly you will be proud owner of your site and can request Google bots to crawl through your website and various other things like sitemap , data highlighter etc.
Congratulations you have submitted your site to Google search console. You have to perform the same steps in other webmasters to submit your site. I prefer the HTML meta tag in order to submit my site. it's  easy and quick to verify.

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