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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

What Is Java (Java Introduction)

What is Java 

Java is a high level , robust  programming language that based on the concept of object oriented programming language.  

Java is a multiple and distributed programming language.
Syntax of java almost as C or C++.

Platform: Any hardware or software environment in which a program runs, is known as a platform. Since Java has a runtime environment (JRE) and API, it is called a platform. 

Java is a Platform if we want to execute java website or java web application on our machine then we must first install the (JRE) java runtime environment, That is called JVM (Java virtual Machine). 
So Basically java has a own environment that is called JVM.

Main Reason Behind Creation  of java : (WORA) Write Once And  Run Anywhere. 

Java Example

Let's have a quick look at Java programming example. A detailed description of Hello Java example is available. 

Class Test {

public static void main (String [] args){

System.out.print("Hello World");



What will we learn in Basics of Java?

  • History Of Java
  • Features Of Java
  • How To Set Path 
  • Hello Java Program
  • How Java Internally Work
  • Difference Between JDK, JRE, And JVM

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