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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The List Of National Symbols Of Pakistan (National In Pakistan)

HI HERE You will get the national symbols of Pakistan . It is very important for every Pakistani. Every Country have own national symbols , a national symbols of any  country is design to be inclusive and representive of all the people and these symbols represents any country but we are providing here for Pakistan national symbols.  its good for general knowledge and it helps you in every exams and jobs employment test .Now I am creating some national symbols which  are given in test many times. I Hope you will get knowledge from these symbols.

(01) National Sport Of Pakistan ? .....

(02) National Tree Of Pakistan ? .....(Deodara).

(03) National Reptile of Pakistan ? ....(Crocodile).

(04) National River Of Pakistan ? ...(Indus River).

(05) National Mammal Of Pakistan ?............ (Indus River Dolphin).

(06) National Mountain Of Pakistan ? ......(K2).

(07) National Mosque Of Pakistan ? .....(Faisal Mosque).

(08) National Mausoleum Of Pakistan ? .......(Mazar e Quaid).

(09) National Leader Of Pakistan ? .....(Muhammad Ali Jinnah). 

(12) National Dish Of Pakistan ? .....(Biryani).

(13) National Crops of Pakistan ? .....(Sugarcane & Wheat).

(14) National Hero Of Pakistan ? .....(Muhammad Bin Qasim).

(15) National Media Of Pakistan ? ........(Lollywood).

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