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Friday, January 6, 2023

Usages Of Java (Why We Need To Use Java)


Usages Of Java

Java is the most popular widely used object oriented programming language . The security feature of java makes it popular and widely used . It used by many java enthusiasts for different purposes. By using Java, we can develop a variety of applications such as enterprise applications , network applications, desktop applications, web applications, games, android app and many more.

Using Java we can develop different applications for different purposes. we can use java technology to develop the following applications. 

Mobile App Development : The Java Programming Language can be considered as the official language for mobile application development . Most of the android application build using java. The most popular Android app development IDE android Studio.

Web-based Applications : It  is the reason that Java is also known as a server side programming language . Using these technologies we can develop a variety of applications . The most popular frameworks Spring , Hibernate , Spring Boot , used for developing web based application. LinkedIn , 

Game Development :  Java is widely used by game development companies because it has the support of the open source most powerful 3D engine . The engine provides unparalleled capacity when it comes to the context of the designing of 3D games. The Most popular games development in java are mine craft.

Big Data Technology : As many programming language are available for big data technology but still java is the first choice for the same. The Tool Hadoop.  Platform for processing and storing big data applications is written in java . In big data java is widely used ELT applications such as Apache Camel and Apache Kafka . It is used to extract and transform data , and load in big data environments. 

Distributed Applications: The JINI (Java Intelligent Networking Infrastructure) Provides the infrastructure  to register and find distributed services based on its specification . It implements a mechanism that is known as java spaces. It supports the distributions persistence and migration of object in a network. 

What will we learn in Basics of Java?

  • Features Of Java
  • How To Set Path 
  • Hello Java Program
  • How Java Internally Work
  • Difference Between JDK, JRE, And JVM

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