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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Present Perfect Tense


The Word Tense has been derived from the Latin word Tempus which means time. 

Tense is a verb which refers to some time. 

Simple Present Perfect Tense 

A verb which shows that subject started some work in the past and has completed it recently is called Present Perfect Tense. 

Eg :  I have taken tea,     They have learnt a lesson. 

Simple Present  Construction :

Subject + Have / Has + Main Verb III  + Object

Affirmative : 

I have played  game? 

we have played game ? 

she has played game ? 

Negative : 

I have not played game .

we have not played game.

She has not  played game. 

Interrogative : 

Have I played Game ?

Have we played game ?

Has he played game ? 

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