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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Sarahah App|Lets See Why This Sarahah Attracts Lot of people

sarahah App

Hiii Friends, Have you ever think that what your friends are thinking about you. Do you really know Your colleagues respect you? Well, you will Ask me it is their inner feelings how can we say that. Though they have the Bad opinion on us.They doesn't share their real opinion with us. But ,it is Essential to Find the trusted persons on our life . Because A Trusted people will help in Difficulty ies They don't Leave us when we are in troubles.But, How could we find such people s And how could find their real and exact opinion on us.

This is A Little difficult Question but, our internet is well developed By This type of Question was also came into some other minds which lead to the creation of this Amazing App called sarahah it is difficult to pronounce but this difficult App Achieves  Thirty crore(30) Downloads with in 3 months.

Sarahah App|Lets See Why This Sarahah Attracts Lot of people

This App made in Saudi .So, let's get started our post And let's learn about this sarahah App. In this post of sarahah application post, we are going to learn about This sarahah App who made this application And how to use this sarahah App.

 who made this sarahah App

Sarahah This is a sudi Arabic word.A software Programmer of Saudi has made this App. This App becomes popular with in a month.In India also this sarahah App has a lot of users.Ok, Again you may ask me that why should this App developer put the name sarahah to this App.And what is the meaning of sarahah.
Well, The meaning of sarahah is Honesty. Basically, This App has launched in Feb 2017.And it is available in play store and iOS store.

sarahah App specialty which attracts people.

Sarahah Application specialty is by this App whatever message send to Anyone it would be Anonymous(un traced and undetectable).No one can find who can send that message.But, for using this App you should connect your social profiles with this App then only this sarahah Application will works.
This Application is simple to use. It has a limited feature which makes app usage so easy.
By this saraha application, you can express your feelings and share your feelings Anonymous ly with out crushing your feelings.

sarahah App Downloading how to download

For downloading this sarahah App open your play store and search for sarahah and Download it. If you are An iOS user search for this App on the iOS store.And the best part for this App is you can Get genuine feedback from your friends.Because the message would be Anonymous.

 How sarahah App works?

After installing the sarahah App .You will register this Application with your Email id. And After creating your account you can Get a link. You can share this link on your social profiles like facebook, twitter, and Snapchat.
Through your link, Anyone can give you feedback.

Note:- After registration on sarahah it is necessary to share this link with your social get feedback.
Up to now, we are talking only about the positive side of this app.As Usually, Any application has advantage and disadvantage let's talk about disadvantage

  disadvantage of this sarahah App.

Actually, you know that true caller is uploaded your contacts to its Database. because it is the necessity of true caller.
· it uploads limited information to its server but this sarahah uploaded your all contacts.
· Usually, Any app ask us permission while we installed the application but no app will upload your contacts to its server.and sarahah is a new app it recently launched in play store. I think it's a Bad Idea to Give permission to A New app about our contacts to access.

Final words

I hope you have learned a. A lot about this app like what is sarahah app.who made this  app .What is the specialty of sarahah app.sarahah app how to download? How sarahah app works.Advantages and disadvantage s of sarahah app. I hope you all like this post very much if you have any doubts regarding this  app comment me below or message me on my facebook page.

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